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Language learning in your organization

Mango’s award-winning language courses are successful in schools, businesses, libraries, and government organizations around the world. Proven methodologies provide novice and developing learners confidence in connecting in a new world they'll discover.

Mango for Educators

Encourage new generations to broaden their opportunities with the desire to experience the world outside the classroom.

See how Mango is built for:

  • Post-Secondary Educators
  • K-12 Educators
  • Homeschool Instructors
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Mango for Businesses

Uncover the limitless possibilities of a global perspective by offering your employees a chance to connect with customers and each other.

See how Mango is built for:

  • Corporations
  • Relocation Facilitation
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Mango for Libraries

Promote language learning to the community; become an enabler of exploration and curiosity in the world that surrounds your learners.

See how Mango is built for:

  • Public Libraries
  • Academic Libraries
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Mango for Government

Support military and government personnel – and their families – adjust to deployments, or in forging important connections across borders. 

See how Mango is built for:

  • Military
  • Agencies
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Improve communication in your organization.

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