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How Mango Works

Learning a new language isn't easy. Committing to a new way of communicating is a verbal and physical commitment that is unfamiliar, but rewarding in what you'll discover along the way. A blend of the right content at the right time, with intelligent algorithms and native-speaker audio, and powered by proven methodologies, Mango’s adaptive learning process evolves to your progress and unique learning behaviors, preparing you to start the conversation with confidence.

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Mango learns how you learn, and adapts accordingly

Mango adapts to your unique learning style, so you pick up on new vocabulary, intuit unfamiliar grammatical structure, and train your pronunciation, all while boosting your cultural IQ.

Lessons involve a rich mix of listening and reading activities, so you can make sense of written and spoken contexts.

A simplified learning environment presents content structure, review progress, and learning activities front and center, while streamlined navigation encourages you to explore different topics in your target language.

Intelligent algorithms are active behind the scenes, and provide you with a personalized review experience that adapts to your progress and learning behaviors.

Relevant learning material puts your new knowledge into context, boosts your understanding of language structure, and challenges you to practice what you’re learning.

Critical-thinking exercises

Critical-thinking activities encourage you to put what you’re learning into practice. Apply new vocabulary to learned material, so you'll commit content to memory for effortless recall when you begin putting your skills to practice.

Memory-building exercises

Memorization exercises use repetition to challenge your recall of learned material through quick review sequences to ensure you maintain what you learn.

Grammar notes

Every lesson explains the underlying grammatical structure, giving you the tools you need to start speaking confidently.

Culture notes

Insightful cultural notes apply cultural context to what you’re learning, creating a more profound understanding of your chosen language.

Mango apps

Language learning on the go

The app is equipped with Bluetooth syncing, autoplay, and offline learning modes to adjust to any lifestyle or connectivity status across desktop, phone, or tablet.

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