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Argot French

Chapter 1 - Going to a Party

Conversations Goals

  • Discuss Future Plans
  • Talk About Means of Transport
  • Understand French Slang

Grammar Goals

  • Be introduced to Demonstrative Adjectives
  • Form Emphatic Sentences
  • Form the Near Future
  • Practice Masculine and Feminine Adjectives
  • Use the Pronoun On


Chapter 1 - Let's Have a Drink!

Conversations Goals

  • Inquire About Somebody's Habits
  • Offer to Buy Somebody a Drink
  • Strike up a Conversation
  • Use Terms of Endearment

Grammar Goals

  • Construct Negation
  • Use Direct Object Pronouns
  • Use Possessive Pronouns in the Singular Form

Wine and Cheese

Chapter 1 - French Wines and Cheeses

Conversations Goals

  • Make a Suggestion
  • Order Wines and Cheeses
  • Use Idiomatic Expressions on Wines and Cheeses

Grammar Goals

  • Form Sentences with the Phrase Ça te dit... ?
  • Use Articles and Demonstrative Pronouns
  • Use Personal Pronouns