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Arab Etiquette (MSA)

Chapter 1 - Welcome to Our New House!

Conversations Goals

  • Describe a House
  • Follow the Arab Etiquette When Visiting Someone's House
  • Respond with the Appropriate "Thank you"
  • Talk About Food
  • Welcome Someone to Your House

Grammar Goals

  • Be Introduced to Verb - Subject Agreement
  • Learn About Noun - Adjective Agreement and Order
  • Start Using Cases
  • Use Possessive Suffixes
  • Use the Vocative with يا


Chapter 1 - The Evil Eye

Conversations Goals

  • Advise Someone to Do or Not to Do Something
  • Congratulate Someone
  • Express Your Opinion
  • Share Good News

Grammar Goals

  • Connect Sentences with أن
  • Learn About Noun-Adjective Agreement and Order
  • Negate Verbal Sentences
  • Start Using Cases
  • Use Object Suffixes