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Learning the French Alphabet

Improve your French pronunciation with Mango Languages' video series: Learning the French Alphabet. We'll be covering all of the letters of the French alphabet, how to clearly pronounce new and unique French sounds, how to master the French accents, plus new French phrases and vocabulary. Start watching to learn everything you need to know to start speaking and reading in French.

  • The 19 French Letters You Already Know - Learning the French Alphabet - Ep. 1

    Learn how to pronounce each of the French letters from a native-speaker instructor in the first video of Mango Languages' 'Learning the French Alphabet' video series.

  • Starting with 'A' - Learning the French Alphabet - Ep. 2

    In this video, you'll learn how to pronounce the vowel sounds of the French letters 'a, e, i, o, u, h' from a native French-speaking instructor. From rounding your lips to smiling and speaking through your teeth, discover helpful tips and tricks to improve pronunciation of these vowel sounds.

  • Pronunciation Exceptions for Letters C, S, T - Learning the French Alphabet - Ep. 3

    Rules would not be rules if there were no exceptions! And the pronunciation rules for the French alphabet are no exception. Take a closer look with us at how to pronounce the French letters 'c,' 's,' and 't' in different scenarios.

  • More Exceptions for Letters G, W, E, and Y - Learning the French Alphabet - Ep. 4

    We continue with our list of exceptions for pronouncing letters of the French alphabet. Take a look with us at the French letters 'g,' 'w,' 'e,' and 'y,' and find out how the origin of a word can change how a letter is pronounced.

  • How to Pronounce French Vowel Combinations - Learning the French Alphabet - Ep. 5

    'Eau,' 'eu,' or 'ou'? Practice your pronunciation of these three French vowel combinations with a native-speaker instructor. Plus, hear how the pronunciation can change when vowel combos are paired with different consonants or when using the open or closed variations.

  • Sliding Into French Diphthongs - Learning the French Alphabet - Ep. 6

    Slide your French pronunciation to the next level by practicing diphthongs with the French alphabet. Learn how to use your nose like a native French speaker to sound out nasal diphthongs with these sliding sound combinations.

  • Common French Nasal Sounds - Learning the French Alphabet - Ep. 7

    Don't pinch your nose — practice popular French nasal sounds to improve your pronunciation of hundreds of French words like 'onze,' 'poisson,' and 'prénom.' Plus, find out our favorite trick to help you master these nasal sounds.

  • Two Similar French Sounds: É and È - Learning the French Alphabet - Ep. 8

    Same, same, but different — learn to identify the difference between the French sounds 'é' and 'è.' See the many ways in which these two different sounds can be spelled, and practice your pronunciation with words like violet, chez, mais, le lait, and la reine.

  • French Letter Combinations With Consonants - Learning the French Alphabet - Ep. 9

    Discover the different sounds made with the French letter combinations: 'ch,' 'gn,' and 'ill.' Learn the pronunciation rules (and the exceptions) for these French sounds in the words 'chien,' 'chat,' 'chronologie,' 'montagne,' 'famille,' and many more!

  • Natural French Intonation - Learning the French Alphabet - Ep. 10

    To really sound like a native French speaker, you need to have the right rhythm. Find out how to properly break French syllables to improve your French spoken proficiency with more natural intonation.

  • Silent French Letters and Speaking Flow - Learning the French Alphabet - Ep. 11

    When speaking French, there are some words in which the letters aren't meant to said out loud. Find out when to press 'mute' on the French letters 'd, g, s, t,' and 'x.' Here's how to impress native French speakers with a natural speaking flow.

  • How to Pronounce the French Letter 'R' - Learning the French Alphabet - Ep. 12

    The French letter 'r' is so similar to the English 'r,' and yet, there's a certain 'je ne sais quoi' about its pronunciation. Try our tips and tricks to speaking this French letter with confidence.

  • French Accents - Learning the French Alphabet - Ep. 13

    Let's talk about the accent markers you'll find on top of different French letters. See how using different French accents can change the meaning of a word, even though the pronunciation may sound the same.

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