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French (101)

  • Useful Phrases

    Survival Basics

    Master common courtesies like greetings and goodbyes, plus a few basic questions for getting around a new destination.

  • Useful Phrases

    Language and Communication

    Learn to introduce yourself, talk about language, and ask how to say or clarify certain words.

  • Useful Phrases


    Learn crucial airport phrases and vocabulary like ‘delayed,’ ‘boarding,’ and ‘What did that announcement say?’ 

  • Useful Phrases

    Train / Metro Station

    Navigate your way through a new city with these need-to-know public transportation phases in your back pocket. 

  • Useful Phrases

    Bus / Shuttle

    Get where you need to go via bus or shuttle by learning basic phrases like ‘How much is the fare?’ and ‘I’d like to get off here.’

  • Useful Phrases

    Taxi / Rideshare

    Hail a ride by learning basic directions, vocab, and the right questions to ask your driver.

  • Useful Phrases


    Learn to manage reservations, ask for advice, and request hotel services. 

  • Useful Phrases


    Hungry? These food and dining-related phrases and vocabulary will make finding and ordering the local faire second-nature.

  • Useful Phrases


    Interact with ease when speaking to shop vendors by learning to talk price, quantity, and how to express your likes and dislikes.

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