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Useful Phrases

  • Useful Phrases

    Survival Basics

    Master common courtesies like greetings and goodbyes, plus a few basic questions for getting around a new destination.

  • Useful Phrases

    Language and Communication

    Learn to introduce yourself, talk about language, and ask how to say or clarify certain words.

  • Useful Phrases


    Learn crucial airport phrases and vocabulary like ‘delayed,’ ‘boarding,’ and ‘What did that announcement say?’ 

  • Useful Phrases

    Train / Metro Station

    Navigate your way through a new city with these need-to-know public transportation phases in your back pocket. 

  • Useful Phrases

    Bus / Shuttle

    Get where you need to go via bus or shuttle by learning basic phrases like ‘How much is the fare?’ and ‘I’d like to get off here.’

  • Useful Phrases

    Taxi / Rideshare

    Hail a ride by learning basic directions, vocab, and the right questions to ask your driver.

  • Useful Phrases


    Learn to manage reservations, ask for advice, and request hotel services. 

  • Useful Phrases


    Hungry? These food and dining-related phrases and vocabulary will make finding and ordering the local faire second-nature.

  • Useful Phrases


    Interact with ease when speaking to shop vendors by learning to talk price, quantity, and how to express your likes and dislikes.


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    Learn Chinese (Mandarin) – Full Video Series

    Bringing our practical and lovable approach to language, we’re bringing this same energy to our video series on Mandarin Chinese. With over 30 episodes covering tones, structure, pinyin and more, we'll touch on everything you need to know about speaking and reading (and writing!) in Mandarin.

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    Basic Chinese (Mandarin) Common Phrases

    These videos go into depth on some common phrases to speak and write in Mandarin. Topics include how to say hello, goodbye, how to ask yes & no questions, and talk about nationalities. Find out how to write 'Happy New Year' and even 'Mango.'

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    How to Use the Pinyin Keyboard on Your Devices – Typing in Chinese

    These tutorial videos will help you access and start using the Pinyin keyboards on your devices for even more practice. Find out how to start typing on iOS, Android, Windows 7, Windows 10, and Mac.


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