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Mango Languages facilitates business communication across cultures for Rust-Oleum, the world’s largest producer of paint aerosols in the world, saving the company time, money, and resources.



A global company with a global need


Michelle Arentz, the Manager of Learning and Engagement for Rust-Oleum, noticed a problem that stretched across all company sectors: the globally dispersed department heads and employees couldn’t always communicate with each other effectively. Errors in translating and inability to communicate with partners in other countries cost the company both time and money.



A customizable solution for a diverse company


Michelle tried many different language-learning softwares, but couldn’t find the seamless, simple solution that she needed. After interacting with Mango Languages at the Association for Talent Development trade show, she decided to see if Mango’s software could help remedy the communication and language barriers experienced by Rust-Oleum’s frequent travelers and transplanted family units.



Positive feedback and trackable results


Before Mango, one of the biggest struggles Michelle experienced was Rust-Oleum’s equal ratio of language-learning needs for English speakers learning a foreign language and those needing to learn English. With Mango, Michelle is able to provide every employee needing language learning with the proper course while also being able to keep track of their progress.

Mango’s Family Profiles are hugely beneficial for Rust-Oleum employees that relocate as an entire family unit as well. Mango grants individual access to the entire family, which means that Michelle can be confident that any employee working abroad, and their family, can confidently interact in their new culture.



Simplifying work for everyone


Mango simplifies Michelle’s world by providing her with a product that is easy to use and delivers trackable results. Since Mango’s cloud-based software requires nothing more than a computer or mobile device, its easy-to-use platform reduces the need for IT help and Michelle knows that her Mango customer service representative is always available if any assistance is required. Mango also works with other programs that she has available to employees, creating a seamless system of language and culture-learning that she is able to customize for Rust-Oleum’s needs.

In Michelle’s words, Mango makes it easy to see and understand how much “bang for their buck” Rust-Oleum is getting with the Mango program.

About this company

Based in Vernon Hills, Illinois, Rust-Oleum manufactures paints and coatings for both consumers and businesses, with offices across North America and Europe and major manufacturing centers in England, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. This means that the company is regularly conducting business in English, Dutch, Flemish, and both mainland and Quebecois French.

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