Mango Higher Education Training Materials

Higher Ed Training Materials

All the training materials you and your staff need to easily manage your Mango account and get the most out of your subscription.

For Administrators

Learn how to manage your Mango account. This tutorial will cover how to get started, how to check statistics, and how to access promotional materials.

How to Add Instructors

Learn how to get all your instructors started with Mango.

How to Promote a User to Instructor or Admin

Are you getting the "email already exists on this account" error message when trying to give a user instructor or admin access? It's okay! We'll show you how to easily promote their already existing user account.

For Instructors

How to Create/Manage Your Classroom

Learn how to create and manage your virtual classroom. This tutorial goes over how to login, add students, and check students' usage.

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How to Add Family Members

Learn how to get all your students' families started with Mango.

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