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Learn Dari through conversations

Walk the sandy roads of Afghanistan and trek the same paths left by humans at least 50,000 years ago. The country’s rich and ancient architecture, artifacts, and culture will guide you through a fascinating journey that begins with the Middle Stone Age all the way to modern times. Today, Afghanistan is a crossroads of civilization and home to 31 million people. As an increasingly relevant region, learning the language opens up lines of communication crucial to global affairs, politics, and cultural competence.

Grammar Notes

No interpretation is created equal. Grammar Notes, color-coding, and features that focus on specific grammatical nuances between target and source language strengthens your understanding of Dari language structure.

Culture Notes

Etiquette, body language, gestures — set the mood. Culture Notes provide a backdrop to learning material and let the Dari culture come alive, setting you up to forge deeper connections with Dari culture and make a positive impression.


Critical thinking and memory-building exercises blend new vocabulary into lesson progress, allowing you to pick up on the structure of your target language so you can apply new content that will be presented in various contexts throughout the course.


Didn’t catch that? Hear it again at a conversational speed, hover over for phonetics, or click on the word for an articulated narration. Tone your accent against native speaker audio by activating the voice comparison tool.

Course Overview

Learn Dari language basics, from common phrases all the way to more advanced concepts


Main Units

Our main language course that contains the core content.

  • 1Basics
  • Chapter 1 - Salutations and Small Talk
  • Chapter 2 - Language and Understanding

Conversational and Grammar Goals

Chapter 1 - Salutations and Small Talk

Conversational Goals

  • Express Gratitude
  • Greet People
  • Make Small Talk with Strangers
  • Say Goodbye

Grammar Goals

  • Dari Sentence Structure
  • Formal and Informal Register
  • Forms of the Dari Indefinite Article
  • Introduction to Negation
  • Present Tense Conjugations of the Verb بُودَن

Conversational and Grammar Goals

Chapter 2 - Language and Understanding

Conversational Goals

  • Ask / Tell If Someone Speaks a Language
  • Ask Dari Speakers How to Say English Words in Dari
  • Ask Someone to Speak More Slowly
  • Get Someone's Attention

Grammar Goals

  • Affirmative & Negative Present Tense Verb Forms
  • Conjunctions یا , وَ , اَما
  • Formation of Compound Verbs
  • Introduction to Dari Comparatives

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