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Chaldean Aramaic

  • Indigenous to: Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq
  • Status: Shifting
  • Spoken: Middle East, U.S., Western Europe
Learn Chaldean Aramaic Free


  • Indigenous to: Eastern North America
  • Status: Definitely Endangered
  • Spoken: North America
Learn Cherokee Free


  • Indigenous to: Bhutan, South Asia
  • Status: Vulnerable
  • Spoken: Bhutan
Learn Dzongkha Free


  • Indigenous to: Hawaii
  • Status: Critically Endangered
  • Spoken: Niʻihau and Hawaiʻi Islands, Hawaii
Learn Hawaiian Free

Irish (Standard)

  • Indigenous to: Ireland
  • Status: Definitely Endangered
  • Spoken: Ireland
Learn Irish Free


  • Indigenous to: Great Lakes region, North America
  • Status: Critically endangered
  • Spoken: North America
Learn Potawatomi Free

Scottish Gaelic

  • Indigenous to: Scotland
  • Status: Definitely Endangered
  • Spoken: Scotland
Learn Scottish Gaelic Free


  • Indigenous to: Shanghai, China
  • Status: Shifting
  • Spoken: Shanghai, China
Learn Shanghainese Free


  • Indigenous to: Tuva, South Siberia
  • Status: Vulnerable
  • Spoken: Tuva, South Siberia
Learn Tuvan Free


  • Indigenous to: Central, Eastern Europe
  • Status: Definitely endangered
  • Spoken: U.S., Israel, Russia
Learn Yiddish Free
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